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As a SEO Advisor or web crawler expert, I help organizations adjust to the expanding significance of internet promoting.


After you have a had a consultation with us you and we have come to an agreement we will sent a scope of work which includes timelines broken down to weekly tasks and monthly objectives and and project completion date, which will need to be completed. A second document will be included which will highlight your involvement and tasks which you will need to complete. Let us say for instance information which needs to be provided or specification you would like. Both these documents will acts a checklist to ensure accountability from both parties.

There will be a weekly accountability check and a monthly scope of work with info graphics to show research uncovered or work completes

Work completed

The end of each thirty day cycle is a meeting will be conducted to reflect on on the work completed and challenges faced. This meeting will be the framework for the scope of work and your involvement required for the next thirty day cycle. This process will repeat until the completion of the project. The duration of the project will depend on the project size and project objectives

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